TOKYO WAY is dedicated to providing authentic, enjoyable and educational experiences in English of many aspects of Japanese culture to visitors and residents in the Tokyo area. Our “experiential tours” offer access to unusual and exciting events organized by Japanese cultural themes such as Otaku, Umami, Omotenashi and others.

TOKYO WAY’s activities are all half- or full-day experiences in the Tokyo area, allowing you to use your limited time to have a rich, authentic encounter with aspects of Japanese culture which are truly special and inspiring. Tours are led by licensed tour guides and individuals with unique and deep expertise in various aspects of Japan’s rich culture and society. Participants sign up online and gather at the tour starting point. Escorting to and from your location is available on request at a small additional charge. Transportation during our activities is by public transportation and walking. Groups are limited in size, usually 8 or 10 but sometimes fewer depending on the nature of the experience. Private individual or group tours are also available on request.

TOKYO WAY’s founder Carl Kay is an American with deep connections to and decades of experience in Japan. He majored in East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Harvard, founded and ran a leading Japanese translation and localization company, served as a board member of the Japan Society of Boston and serves as volunteer President of Harvard’s alumni organization in Japan, where he has a decade of experience planning and running events.

How to reach us

Besides our contact form, find our contact information below:

Tokyo Way KK
Isshin Building 8F
Yaesu 2-11-7
Chuo-ku Tokyo
104-0028 JAPAN

E-mail address:
Phone number in Japan: 03-4520-5429
Outside Japan: +81-3-4520-5429
(Local or international calling charges may apply.)