luxury travel


CARL / President

Carl Kay is an American entrepreneur who has lived in Japan for twenty-three years after majoring in Japanese at Harvard in the 1970’s. He ran and sold a previous company that localized American software products for the Japanese market and currently advises a Japanese firm specializing in customer experience design. The idea to found Tokyo Way appeared during a meditation retreat at Engakuji temple in Kamakura. Carl’s mission for Tokyo Way is to give visitors access to some of what is special about Japan, which he gets to experience every day.

YOKO /Vice President

Yoko got her Master's degree in Boston after graduating from university in Japan and has since spent thirty years living and working in both US and Japan, raising two bilingual, bicultural kids with her American husband. Yoko is now trying to reflect her own perspectives and what she loves about Japan into luxury travel development. She also enjoys continuing her career as a professional translator and interpreter along with her hobbies of needlework, reading and playing the piano.

YASUNORI / Licensed Travel Agent

Yasunori is master of Japan’s systems for reserving hotels, trains and (domestic) planes. He is also an IT master who keeps Tokyo Way connected to the networks for making those reservations. He applies his IT skills as a volunteer on NPO visits to Southeast Asia, and relaxes by playing the alt sax.