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Japan is a very special place. But here at Tokyo Way, you are the departure point. The inspiration to travel the great distance to Japan can come from many different sources. That’s why we don’t sell package tours. We offer fully customized trips that reflect your strongest interests and goals. What brings you to Japan – time with family and friends? a celebration? culture or history? a culinary or artisanal obsession? a spiritual search? or a break from the routine? Talk to us – we, and Japan, are excited to meet you.


The curiosity and dreams you bring are met with our rich expertise, wide connections, and full focus on Japan. If you want to hike with a monk in a sacred forest, or cook ramen with a celebrity chef, Tokyo Way can make that happen. If we don’t already have an expert on a topic dear to you, we’ll find one. Part of Japan’s charm is its idiosyncrasies – let our insider knowledge help you navigate smoothly and optimize your time and budget.


Tokyo Way helps open doors, but it is you who steps through, and Japan that meets you. We believe in cultivating a mutual curiosity and respect, so that your experiences in Japan are authentic and genuine, leaving you and your hosts with new insights and a feeling of connection. We strive to listen and earn your trust as your guide. When something in you resonates deeply with a person or place or activity here, we’ll have done our job.