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Beginning in the 16th century, the prosperous Maeda clan made the Kanazawa region into a center of culture and craft. That legacy, along with the city’s easy access from Tokyo by Shinkansen, make Kanazawa a popular “third stop” after Tokyo and the Kyoto area. Kanazawa has a wonderful fresh-food market, one of Japan’s best large-scale gardens, the remains of castle, and a charmingly restored samurai district. It also boasts a contemporary art museum and a serene zen buddhism contemplation center. About an hour outside of Kanzawa are several of the country’s most luxurious ryokan hotels.

A little further west towards Kyoto from Kanazawa is Fukui, a rural region famous for Zen temple Eiheiji, built in the 13th century and still in operation today, where Tokyo Way can arrange for you to stay overnight.The Fukui area is also known for crafts such as lacquer, papermaking, pottery and knife making, with plentiful options for studio visits, hands-on experiences, and of course great shopping. In Fukui City is the tranquil Yokokan Garden and pavilion, as well as a contemporary restaurant designed by world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma.