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For complete immersion into the traditional Japanese lifestyle, indulge yourself with a night (or several) at a ryokan, a traditional Japanese lodging where the architecture is solely or mainly traditional Japanese, often with a garden and other serene natural elements.

Many ryokans are located in onsen (hot spring) areas and include baths for soaking in water to which many healing properties are attributed. Ryokans feature local seasonal cuisine, served with exquisite attention to presentation, with private in-room dining in many cases. High-end luxury onsen ryokans often feature private hot spring baths in each room. In some cases, these private baths are located in a beautiful outdoor setting overlooking the surrounding nature. Ryokans often have tatami mat floors, and guests sleep on comfortable futons put out on the floor at night and stored away in the morning.

Tokyo Way books guests at top ryokans throughout Japan and communicates on your behalf any special requirements such as dietary needs or any other  personal request. We match your taste, budget and route with the perfect ryokan to ensure a dose of true Japanese hospitality in your trip.