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Visit the home of tea master Kiyotaka Nakamura, who has been practicing and teaching the art of Tea for over forty years. The third floor of his home is dedicated to his tea practice with the tea room, backstage preparation area and storage of the many bowls, kettles, low tables and other tools used in tea. Some of these objects are swapped out over twenty times a year to reflect the Japanese finely tuned awareness of subtle micro-seasons. The master selects from his collection of tea bowls the perfect one for each guest.

During the 70 minute or so private tea experience, you will sit on low stools or on the floor if you prefer. Master Nakamura will explain a little about the tea ceremony (you guide will interpret) and then he will make tea while you watch and serve you all. The rich and slightly bitter matcha tea is delicious, warming the body and giving a caffeine kick that visitors from far away time zones appreciate. Then you will have a chance (if you want) to make tea yourselves and serve each other.

Through the tea ceremony you can appreciate the Japanese sense of ritual, attention to detail, a centered way of sitting and moving, sensitivity to nature and the seasons, and a selfless hospitality called omotenashi. Every detail is planned and practiced; this is a completely designed experience. The essence of the culture is communicated through this simple yet deep sharing of a bowl of tea.