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The practice of Zazen works the body, breath and mind to cultivate balance, patience, and non-judgmental self-awareness. The Zen outlook permeates Japanese culture and values, so a Zazen experience during your trip helps give a tangible feel for the culture you are exploring, as well as possibly offering some benefits that you can apply in daily life in whatever place you call home.

Tokyo Way’s private zazen experience with a Japanese monk lasts about 90 minutes and includes a blessing dedicated to the travelers (you!), a mindfulness exercise, and finally a Zazen sitting session. No doctrine is taught, and guests of all religions and points of view are most welcome. While the lotus sitting posture, which offers maximum stability for meditation, will be demonstrated, our guests experience this activity sitting in half-lotus position, simple cross-legged, or sitting on a chair that is provided.

Most sessions take place in working Zen temples, so the setting is as authentic as the practice itself (which can be done anywhere). Your guide serves as interpreter.